our story


We're a team of experienced CPAs, financial analysts, compliance gurus, and technology enthusiasts. We share a deep appreciation of the cannabis plant and a keen admiration of the pioneering entrepreneurs growing and creating as we build a transformative industry together.

We provide professional finance, accounting, and business operations services to rapidly growing cannabis startups. We have a strong emphasis on building technology and developing strategic partnerships to power our highly complex and ever-changing industry.

Sagely is based in San Francisco, CA and we serve licensed cannabis companies worldwide.


We empower cannabis entrepreneurs by working to build an eco-friendly, forward-looking, and competitive industry that sets the standard for innovation together. 

We endeavor to equip cannabis businesses with the tools, resources, and data they need to operate, thrive, and remain in compliance at any scale.

We ensure accurate, complete, and useable financials so our clients are confident using real-time information to optimize operations and make well-informed business decisions.


BELONGING – We believe in building a strong business foundation for our clients — rooted in giving them access, legitimacy and legality in the community. 

GROWTH – We value growth driven by industry education, which results in personal empowerment.

PASSION – We're passionate about the plant and believe in our core mission. We love our clients and are driven to help them succeed.

CLARITY – We believe you should know your numbers — leading to an improved company vision, better record-keeping and financial health, and a brighter future.

HUMAN-CENTERED – Our success first depends on showing kindness and compassion for the people at the center of the businesses we serve.

READINESS – Changes happen fast in our industry. We're ready to take on any challenge and power our clients' decisions with real-time financials.

our team

Jenna Greenfield, Founder + CEO


Mo Tracey, Head of Business Development + Compliance


Claire Jensen, Accountant